Best Inflatable Kayaks To Buy For Your Solo Paddling Trips

Kayaking is probably one of the most sought-after activities of paddlers. It allows a person to have a “me-time” by the lake or have a partner in tow using a tandem boat. Others also love braving the rapids with their sit-inside vessels, and if they have the guts, they will try creeking. Whatever your fix of adventure is, there would be a kayak that will suit you. Who knows, you might be looking for the best inflatable kayak to buy right now, and if so, I got you covered.

One thing that makes an inflatable kayak a good option is its convenience. You can simply roll it and tuck on your trunk, unlike hard-shelled ones that you have to mount on your car roof. But like any other vessel, this has its pros and cons. Inflatables are not for everyone but I assure you that if you know what you want on your paddling, you’re going to find one that matches your taste.

May it be for travel, sporting events, or just a calm paddling on the nearest river or lake, I got you some options here. Check each one out and let us know your preference.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

For someone looking for a comfortable sit-inside, the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak would be a good choice. It’s made of high-grade vinyl with two separate air chambers for better buoyancy. Since all parts of this kayak are inflatable, the floor is reinforced with an I-beam for added rigidity. There are also Boston valves to make inflation easy for you plus the assurance that the air won’t escape the material even if the caps popped out.

best inflatable kayak to buy

One wrong connotation about inflatable boats is that it lacks the usual storage area you’ll get from hard-shell types. But the Intex Challenger tries to prove this wrong. In fact, there’s a cargo net storage in front where you can tuck some essentials. You can also use the bilge space if you’re a smaller person. If you’re looking for the best inflatable kayak to buy, Intex might be the one.

When it comes to tracking, this Intex Challenger Kayak can do well on flatwater. It has a removable skeg in case you want to improve your speed. The package already comes with an inflatable seat for your comfort even during extended hours of use. You’ll also get an aluminum oar and manual pump so you can launch your vessel right after you received it. In case you encounter punctures and holes, there’s a repair kit to fix the problem.

For self-rescue, there are grab lines at the sides of the rear so you can easily perform the cowboy rescue.

This Intex Kayak has a 220-pound passenger capacity on its nine-feet build. If you’re someone on a budget, this is the perfect choice for less than $80. The only thing you have to purchase separately is a life vest and you’re good to go.

Sevylor Quikpak 1-Person Kayak

Some paddlers find sit-insides too uncomfortable during specific activities. If so, you can take the Sevylor Quikpak 1-Person Kayak as the best inflatable kayak to buy. The vessel has the 21-gauge PVC material rugged enough for lake and river use. It uses the AirLock technology to ensure that the air has no way of hissing out from any of the multiple chambers. This is paired with the Double Lock valves for easy inflation and deflation. You only need five minutes to assemble or store this vessel.

The bottom of the kayak has a layer of tarpaulin for added rigidity in case you scrape it on rocks or shallow waters. It’s equipped with a contoured backrest but you can also mount the separate seat for added comfort. On the cockpit are inflatable footwells with bumps so you can enjoy different positions while paddling.

This Sevylor Quikpak has a generous weight capacity of 400 pounds so you can bring in your doggo or a small kid with you when you paddle. The package already comes with an aluminum paddle, pump, and a storage backpack for easy transport. In case you want to bring some small items with you, maximize the webbed well on the bow.

Just remember that this sit-on-top vessel doesn’t have any grab lines. Still, it has oarlocks on one side and the seat is adjustable.

Even non-agile senior citizens will love this boat. It’s easy to get on and off the kayak and it’s lightweight enough to be carried and assembled by one person. As for the price, it ranges from $90 to $150.

Advanced Elements Sports Kayak

Do you want to have a kayak that can cut through the water smoothly? If you’re into sporty paddling, the Advanced Elements Sports Kayak would be the best inflatable kayak to buy. It has the design that can withstand any water condition from flatwater to Class II rapids. As a sit-inside, it bears enough space for the rider to be comfortable and it’s also lightweight for easy transportation.

The Advanced Elements kayak uses an aluminum bow and stern ribs for better maneuverability and control during harsh conditions. This has a V-shaped hull that’s proven to have excellent tracking on water and a good bounce as well during wavy situations. It can actually pit on a hard-shell kayak when you’re already paddling it.

best inflatable kayak to buy

Another great thing about this vessel is it comes with a cushioned seat that you can adjust for your comfort. The kayak itself is easy to inflate and deflate and it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to have it assembled. It’s also hassle-free to tuck at the trunk of a car if you’re planning to have a weekend away from home.

There’s no storage space in this kayak and you only have a string web in front where you can secure small objects. Anyway, it’s not that you’re going to bring lots of things when you’re competing in a kayak race or riding the rapids.

So far, this is the most stable inflatable kayak I’ve ever seen and you don’t have to worry about the ease of self-rescue. It’s advisable that you carry a dual purpose pump with you as temperature extremes can affect the inflation of this vessel.

Anyway, please be advised that this is a top-dollar choice.

Best inflatable kayak to buy: Airhead Watersports Deluxe Montana Travel Kayak

If you want to get a sit-inside kayak that you can launch on moving waters, the Airhead Watersports Deluxe Montana Travel Kayak would be the one. It possesses the 840D nylon material with a total of three air chambers for added security. It also has four bottom fins for the best possible tracking on manual paddling. This is a durable kayak that can withstand UV rays and saltwater. It even has a water-resistant coating at the hull.

Airhead Montana Kayak has a nine-feet build that can withstand milder rapids. This is a bit different to the usual flatwater kayaks are you can level up the adventure without the need to purchase another vessel. It’s also self-bailing with a flap on the floor.

This is a straightforward kayak but it’s not short of the small details that make a difference. It comes with an adjustable seat and neoprene elbow protector to avoid blisters when you always rub your skin on the nylon. There are footrests near the bow just before the webbed storage space. If this isn’t enough, you can make use of the D-rings dotting the stern and bow. Use carabiners to secure your stuff.

The Airhead kayak usually comes in an orange color to make it noticeable in case you need rescue. It may also come in whitewater depending on your choice of the best inflatable kayak to buy.

Overall, the boat has around 300 pounds of the weight limit. You can bring your doggo on the trip and you can also let your kid use it. It’s at the $300 price mark and you have to buy the pump, bag, and paddle separately.

Aquaglide Columbia XP Inflatable Kayak

If you want to level up the ante, try getting the Aguaglide Columbia XP Inflatable Kayak. It’s built for all-around use and in a wide range of skill levels. It’s equipped with a flat rocker to endure the waves, a piercing bow, and a long waterline for the best paddling experience. The best part here is it uses the proprietary X-beam floor of Aguaglide that mimics the rigidity of actual hard-shell kayaks.

This is made of the 600D Duratex hull that will last longer than other inflatable kayaks. It sports an adjustable seat, footrests, and lavish bow and stern storage areas. It doesn’t actually look like an inflatable which adds to its aesthetic value. The front and rear have webbed surfaces that can serve as grab lines for self-rescue or another storage area for your mall items.

The Aguaglide kayak is perfectly engineered to have a spacious build and a stable float on water. It’s also easy to get on and off it aside from the fact that it only requires a small storage space. The kayak can accommodate 300 pounds of user weight on its 11’4” build and definitely the best inflatable kayak to buy. You just can’t go wrong with it. Besides, it’s a top-dollar choice and it’s just right that your money gets the premium features.

You have to buy the pumps and paddles separately.

If you’re looking for the best inflatable kayak to buy, the five options I gave you here would be worth it for the consideration. It has varying prices that will suit almost anyone from those are on a budget to those who have the resources to splurge. Have you chosen any of these? Let us know!

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Best Inflatable Kayaks To Buy For Your Solo Paddling Trips

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