4 Inflatable Boats For Beginners Every Aspiring Sailor Would Love To Own

Let’s face it, the start of boating isn’t always smooth sailing. You have to deal with the tides, paddling techniques, rescue training, and most of all, buying your first vessel. This is why inflatable boats for beginners are important options for someone to have a good start on the waters. If you decided to have a massive RIB right away, you might find yourself in a state of frenzy while you try your best to go back to the shore.

It takes some skills to finally ride a boat with less effort. Boating isn’t really frightening as long as you know the basics and one golden skill: self-rescue. Once in your paddling life, you’ll experience capsizing and you should know the necessary steps you should do.

If you’re an aspiring sailor, you no longer have to fret as I’ve scouted some premium offers for you to choose from. Depending on your budget, build preference, and style, you’ll find your match here. The key here is literally starting small before getting a bigger vessel to ride. Smaller boats are easier to maneuver and tinker. Another thing is it’s less expensive than the larger versions.

If you’re into fishing, kayaking, or just paddling, I have some stuff for you.

Intex Explorer 200 2-Person Inflatable Boat

If you want a simple vessel to start your boating journey, I would recommend the Intex Explorer 200 2-Person Inflatable Boat. This is a two-person so you can tag along an experienced boater to teach you the basics. Remember that this is only for calm water use, perfect for a paddler who’s just starting out. Intex uses two air chambers for added security in case one of the air containers sustained holes. You can also maximize the grab rope at the bow if you accidentally fell out of the vessel. One of the inflatable boats for beginners if you’re a minimalist.

inflatable boats for beginners

Overall, the Intex 200 bears a 13-gauge PVC material with an inflatable floor. It’s not advisable that you stand up while in the middle of the waters as the flooring isn’t as rigid as the other choices here. Nevertheless, the boat allows a 220-pound weight limit on its highly noticeable orange color. For someone who’s in the first stage of learning, having a conspicuous vessel is important for rescue missions.

The Intex 200 comes with a U.S. Coast Guard ID, a pair of French oars, repair patches, and a small pump. There are also oarlocks on the sides if you want to do some fishing. Just remember that there are no rod holders or padded seats here. It’s a straightforward boat that can float high on the water.

You can actually push beyond the weight limit but proceed with caution. Within the weight capacity, you can last a continuous 30 hours on the boat without any hint of deflation. It’s also a great value for kids if you want a versatile vessel. For just less than $30, you’ll have a trusty boat here, my friend.

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon

If you’re into fishing, the Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat would be one of the inflatable boats for beginners. Pontoons are masters of buoyancy and it’s basically unsinkable under calm conditions on the lake or river. It has a PVC material sealed with a nylon layer for the most durable combination. The bottom parts of the tubes are covered with a special material that can endure saltwater.

inflatable boats for beginners

There are many things happening in the cockpit starting from the rod holders that can alternate as paddle locks. What’s good about these holders is it’s adjustable in three different positions depending on the placing that you’ll like. There’s also an anchor system complete with a pulley that can fit on either side of the frame. You will also enjoy a  padded, foldable plastic seat together with the footrests.

If you want to ditch the paddling, you can mount a motor in two different positions. This is a notch more challenging than the Intex boat as it’s packed with features to tinker. An aspiring angler would surely love this as it can carry up to 400 pounds of weight. With that, you can maximize the storage space at the back of the seat where you can fit a cooler and fly patches on each side. There are also cup holders on each one so you can chill out while waiting for the catch.

You just can’t go wrong with this boat as it’s only 75 pounds when inflated. It might seem a little heavy but manageable by a strong person.

This 9-feet boat can track well on rivers. It looks like a professional vessel but even novice boaters would find it one of the inflatable boats for beginners.

Bestway HydroForce Caspian Dinghy 

Dinghies are popular tenders because of its higher passenger capacity and convenience. If you’re scouting for one, I’ll recommend that you check the Bestway HydroForce Caspian Dinghy. It’s a ten-feet ride that can accommodate four adults and a child. The best part here is you can launch this to the sea, as the build is buoyant and stable. It’s a RIB type that has a high-pressure keel for better tracking together with aluminum floorboards.

inflatable boats for beginners

You can definitely stand up on this one without the fear of the boat tending to cave in. It has a four-chamber construction with extended tail tubes to give you the best buoyancy possible. The valves here are low profile so there’s less risk that you’re going to pop the caps.

The Bestway HydroForce is constructed to endure even the harshest maritime conditions. But as a beginner, it’s best to try this out on a calmer day. There are stake protectors running through the sides of the collar in case you bumped into something. Its material is also reinforced to withstand petroleum and UV exposure. Just one of the best inflatable boats for beginners.

On the package, you’ll already get a pair of aluminum oars, towrope, pump, buckle for the fuel box, storage bag, pressure gauge, and a repair kit.

Just avoid launching this to Class II or III whitewater especially if you have a motor mounted. You can use a 15 hp motor just in case you want to skip the hassle of paddling.

The boat is small and best for those who find massive RIBs intimidating. It’s lightweight which can both be an advantage and a disadvantage. The boat is light to transport but it can easily drift away during strong winds. If you’re planning to park in the middle of the water, you might as well use an anchor set.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2

If your ride of choice is kayaking, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2 is the one to be. It has a strong 18-gauge PVC construction with a combination of 1000D tarpaulin and 840D nylon as the bottom cover. This has multiple air chambers and basically very safe against punctures that may possibly happen at some point.

inflatable boats for beginners

As one of the inflatable boats for beginners, it has a very sturdy look that equates to its actual quality. It has the AirTight System to secure you from possible air leaks as well as Berkley Rod Holders to make the angler in you shine in the midst of the water. You can also utilize the Sevylor trolling motor mount to increase your speed. Overall, this is a powerhouse boat that you just can’t miss if you love kayaking.

The Coleman Colorado 2 is a two-person kayak so you can bring an experienced paddler with you. It’s an enduring boat as you can ride on it for up to 10 hours without any sign of air loss. You also have the freedom to customize and add more fixed accessories on board as long as it won’t hurt the buoyancy that much.

It’s very portable and the storage spaces are lavish. There are mesh pockets on the cockpit and a spacious legroom even if the padded seats are installed. For a price of approximately $320, this is a kayak to die for. That is if you’re willing to spend your money.

The inflatable boats for beginners I gave you here are just some that you can enjoy depending on your choice of paddling. Just remember that you should choose a vessel that matches the activity you’re planning to do. Do you want to fish? Go get that Classic Accessories Pontoon. Kayaking? The Seyvlor Coleman won’t disappoint. Let me know what you choose!

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4 Inflatable Boats For Beginners Every Aspiring Sailor Would Love To Own

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