3 Inflatable Surfing Boats For A High-Octane Ride

Do you have to tuck that giant surfboard on top of your car just to ride the waves? Aside from the hassle, hard-built surfing boards are prone to chipping that, as we know, may cost a great deal of money for repairs. This is why a switch to an inflatable surfing boat might be a good decision. It’s more buoyant and you can easily roll it up and tuck in on your car’s trunk.

The question is this: does it work as efficiently as the hard-shelled type does? Based on consumer reviews and personal experience, I can give it a resounding YES! Inflatable surfboards are great and totally for the money if you’re thinking of buying one.

Go Plus 11’ Inflatable Paddle Board

Paddleboarding is a challenging sport and if you want to get a board for this and surfing in one, don’t miss the Go Plus 11’ Inflatable Paddle Board. It has a dimension of 11’ x 30” x 6” and it can support a rider weight of up to 265 pounds. The manufacturers constructed this board with the strongest waves in mind. They used drop-stitch and a four-point bungee system where you can store your stuff.

inflatable surfing boat

The great thing about this Go Plus board is you can deflate it for just five minutes and roll it up like a mat. If deflated, it weighs a lightweight 26 pounds that you can easily transport on your own. Say goodbye to the hassle tucking of surfboards on your car’s roof.

Once on the water, the Go Plus Cruiser can glide smoothly using its detachable skeg at the rear. This inflatable surfing boat is equipped with a nose handle so you can drag it back to shore after having a splash with the waves. It’s also dotted with D-rings where you can secure more stuff. Do you want to have lunch on flat water? Go ahead and utilize this!

The Go Plus board can perform well in almost any type of water conditions. You can have a calm paddling on a lake and you can also launch this to the ocean. The textured deck pad gives support when you’re trying to nail that wave catch. The boat comes with an oar, pump, psi gauge, storage backpack, and a repair kit. All these for less than $270. Nothing beats its quality vis-à-vis the price.

Jimmy Styks AirSurf 6’ Surfboard

If you’re thinking of scouting more options before purchasing, the next one to check out is the Jimmy Stuks AirSurf 6’ Surfboard. This is way shorter than the Go Plus but it’s perfect for someone who finds long boards hard to handle. When inflated, the board becomes very rigid and solid to endure the harsh nature of the waves. The whole inflatable surfing boat is textured which is one reason why it became my favorite. There would be fewer slips when you’re trying to catch a wave or when you’re retrieving it from the water.

inflatable surfing boat

The AirSurf has the Dual Layer Fusion Construction that you can inflate to a maximum of 18 psi. Imagine how rigid this board can be! Adults can use it but if you want your pre-teen kid to have a good start at the waves, this is the best ride you can ever give them. It has a coiled leash at the stern so the board wouldn’t be washed away by the waves. This surfboard has the balance and agility every surfer would love.

Aside from its performance in the water, the AirSurf is also convenient to transport. It sports the Roll-N-Go Portability as you can deflate the board and roll it up just like the Go Plus model.

If you’re not in the mood to surf, you can use this as a recreational board for fitness and leisure. It’s fit for beginners and intermediate surfers so you or your kid can grow with it.

The Jimmy Styks AirSurf is worth approximately $300 for a package of the board, dual-function pump, roll top bag, repair kit, and the coiled leash.

Freein Inflatable Surfboard

If you’re willing to put your money on the table for the top-dollar inflatable surfing boat, I’ll suggest that you consider the Freein Inflatable Surfboard. This comes in a complete package of the board and accessories you’ll need to catch the waves. The SUP board has a PVC layer sealed with drop-stitches. It almost has the same length as the Go Plus model.

Like the first listed board, this Freein boat has a string webbing in front where you can stack some stuff. The EVA pad on the surface is also great in providing friction for your body. It’s very durable and you don’t have to think about dings and dents even on the strongest waves.

inflatable surfing boat

The board weighs 28 pounds which is two pounds heavier than the Go Plus model. Still, it’s light and it can be rolled like a mat afterward.

What I love more about this board is it comes with a very durable fiberglass paddle. It’s detachable into three pieces so you can also fit it in the storage bag that comes in the package. You’ll also get a pump, leash, and a repair kit for your purchase.

You should inflate the Freein board in a minimum of 7 psi and a maximum of 25 psi. It’s very rigid when inflated so you’re assured of a solid standpoint while you’re on the water. You can even bring your dog without worrying about the claws.

All those features are available at approximately $520. I’m willing to pay for it right off the bat. How about you?

Trading your hard-shelled board to an inflatable surfing boat could be a fun move. You’ll have less hassle transporting the vessel and the material is sturdy enough to endure scraping and the crashing waves. There are downsides to it but like any other vessel, it’s normal and the lasting effect depends on maintenance. Do you agree? Let me know below!

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3 Inflatable Surfing Boats For A High-Octane Ride

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